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Rob Epifania

         Rob has spent his entire life as a high-performance athlete.  From basketball to volleyball to performance-based shooting, he seeks out the opportunity to truly master his craft through hard work, consistent and intense training, and through feedback from coaches.  He has several first place finishes in major USPSA matches, along with many top finishes all over the country.  He is currently a USPSA Grand Master, and top 20 in the country in the production division of USPSA as of 2021.  He is looking forward to the growth, challenges, and opportunities shooting an Atlas gun in Limited division will bring him for the 2022 season!

       A motorcycle accident brought him to shooting as a love and passion.  He lost the ability to lift his right foot due to nerve damage, and shooting was something that didn’t require elite athletic ability that could allow him to still reach the top of the shooting community.  After several years in the defensive/personal protection world as a student and instructor (teaching civilians, law enforcement, and military), he decided to pursue the competitive shooting world to see how far he could go.  He is currently still growing and is featured as a guest on many podcasts discussing the finer details of performance-based shooting and mental mastery. 

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